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Are you having issues with your collection? Are your A/R reports out of control? Are your Adjustments too high? Do your patients not pay their bills? You may need our help.


Our goal at E-Medical Billing services is to provide you with proven experience. Let our billing experts (All CPC's Certified Professional Coders) increase your efficiency, take complicated billing issues off your plate.

Perhaps review your billing and offer support or evaluation on your current billing staff.

We want to help increase your return.

After all when your return improves, it allows you to concentrate on what is really important- your patients.

The advantage to outsourcing your Billing:

Lets face facts!

Medical billing is very complicated and ever changing.

You want a dedicated team whose full time job is to get you paid.

We trouble shoot the rules and stay up to date with insurance guidelines.

We stay current with Continued Education.

With our billing practices at work for your business, you will collect more and get paid faster.

We will hellp your patients seek resolution to their claims.

Provide around the clock contact with your patients, providing excellent customer service.


E-Medical Billing Services Inc

Check out our services, and call us to make an appointment today!

A so true:

"If you think healthcare is expensive now wait until it's free!"

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